Miso Happy

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a cheesy title for a post on miso soup. I’ve always been a little scared of using miso at home (it looks wierd), but lately I’ve been on an Asian cooking kick and how could I leave out such a staple? Miso is super-healthy for the digestive system and chock full of nutrients. It’s healing powers are so strong that it has been used to treat radiation victims. Pretty amazing for a scoop of soybean paste. I used this basic recipe, minus the tofu and added mushrooms instead. The end result was much tastier than the withered version at my local Japanese hibachi restaurant. Fresh chives and big chunky mushrooms make all the difference.

The trick to seaweed is simmering it for a while to get rid of the flavor…even M couldn’t tell it was in the soup and he hates seaweed

A miso-filled scoop with fresh green onions and mushroom slices

The other secret to a successful soup: add the miso at the end and don’t bring it to a boil; high heat will kill the medicinal properties

(I’m not a doctor or anything, just a gal with google)

Do you like miso soup? Have you/would you ever make it yourself?



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3 responses to “Miso Happy

  1. Wânia

    I used to have a lot miso soup when I was a kid. I think it is time for me to make some again, your pics and words have inspired me…

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