Mason Jar Madness

My latest obsession is the mason jar. It brings to mind a warm barefoot summer afternoon and reminds me of the days when life was simple (I don’t know exactly when this simple life existed or who enjoyed it, but a girl can dream). There’s just something about a mason jar that screams whispers uncomplicated and easy as pie.

Iced tea last summer in Montana

Last night I was browsing through Ikea (on a romantic Valentine’s Day date with M picking out closet designs for our new place) when I spotted these SLOM jars, which come in various sizes and shapes:

They’re perfect for storing pasta, grains and nuts. I plan to snap up a bunch as soon as we’re moved in.

Homemade spicy chai

A few inspiring mason jars from the blogging world:

Homemade body butter (I made this recipe with rose and lavender essential oils. It was my first go at homemade lotion and it smells amazing, however it’s greasier than store-bought stuff and takes time to soak into my skin. I’m still adjusting, but the jar sure looks cute.)

I mentioned this adorable herb garden before, but that’s because I really LOVE it!

A do-it-yourself light at one of my favorite websites

Organizing a craft room

48 Homemade Gifts in a Jar…cupcakes in a jar sound amazing!

10 things to do with them, including spray painting for a modern take

What are you obsessed with these days? Have you made any crafts lately? What do you think of mason jars?



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5 responses to “Mason Jar Madness

  1. mom

    I am from the simple generation! We had mason jars in the cabinets for drinking. My mom also canned veggies and fruits. It really wasn’t that long ago that there was a more simple life style.

  2. Wânia

    Mason jars are great for everything and it makes things much more organized! In the past, I have presented cupcakes ingredients in a jar and people loved it! 🙂

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