Home on the River

Just for fun I’m sharing some pics from our new home project (we bought a house in Jersey last October…hoping to be in by Christmas. But as anyone who’s ever taken on anything to do with construction or remodeling knows, these things tend to drag on a bit longer than expected). We hope to move in by the end of this month…

The project’s start

Outhouse included

Fall’s view

The kitchen area

From the back

Today’s view

Men hard at work

 I am anxiously patiently awaiting the day I can move out of M’s bachelor pad and get to work decorating (the fun part in my eyes).

What are you patiently waiting for?




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2 responses to “Home on the River

  1. Geez, looks like you bought land, not a house! That’s quite the home improvement project. Stunning view, though!

  2. Wânia

    “What are you patiently waiting for?”
    I am waiting to see your love spread in your home, I know it will look amazing!

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