Spork-Fed Gnocchi

Potato gnocchi with basil in a dairy-free roasted shallot cream sauce

My recent trip to Cali has been an inspiration to get back in the kitchen with gusto. Thursday night I whipped up a batch of homemade gnocchi (recipe from Spork-Fed). The counters were covered in flour and stickiness, the gnocchi were lumpy and uneven and M had a pretty skeptical look on his face…but the smells of lemon zest, fresh basil and roasting shallots pleasantly filled the house and I had a great time getting messy. The sauce was a blender creation made from roasted shallots and toasted cashews. Everything was tasty and I’ve found a new favorite home-cooked meal.

Better than potpourri

Lopsided little bundles of homemade love

A side of roasted cauliflower and carrots tucked into romaine

Heaven on earth: crunchy peanut butter bonbons (Recipe also from Spork-Fed)

Organic peanut butter balls dipped in dark chocolate and crushed peanuts…need I say more?

Tonight’s dinner consisted of the leftover gnocchi and sauce with a new twist…those bonbons are long gone! I sautéed two shallots with a handful of sliced mushrooms in a spoonful of Earth Balance butter and olive oil. Into the pan went the gnocchi and cashew cream sauce with a little bit of veggie broth. Everything simmered for five minutes. Topped with fresh basil, things were even better on day two!

Which recipes are even better on day two? Which leftover never make it very long in the fridge?

Pasta and creamy sauces are always tasty the next day. Baked treats don’t last very long with me!



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