Santa Barbara Kundalini

Clouds along the coast of Santa Barbara

You may have read the title of this post and wondered…what the heck is kundalini? Well, it’s a type of yoga, and it may just be the most new age-yish thing I’ve ever done (I say that in a loving way!). While in Cali for a few days M and I drove two hours up the coast from L.A. to the charming little towns of Montecito and Santa Barbara. He had to take care of some business for a few hours, which left me free time to visit the Santa Barbara Yoga Center. I happily signed up for back-to-back yoga classes: kundalini and anusara.

Borrowed pic, gorgeous space

Kundalini focuses on the breath and more subtle energy than a regular vinyasa style yoga class. It’s a little less sweating, but it’s not exactly easy. The class I attended focused on the immune system so there were plenty of exercises targeting the chest. It’s hard to describe and feels a little weird at first, but it’s relaxing and made me feel great in the end. Next up was anusara yoga. It’s a style that focuses on proper alignment, yoga philosophy and heart-opening poses. The teacher helped me get into my biggest backbend ever:

One legged wheel pose

That’s not me in the photo, but it’s a pic of a new pose I tried out. It was scary at first, but Merideth was supportive and encouraging (and by supportive, I mean she literally held my back). It felt great and I’ve been addicted ever since!

Have you tried anything new lately?



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3 responses to “Santa Barbara Kundalini

  1. Kundalini in Santa Barbara…that sounds amazing! I would love to leave a kundalini class, full of vitality, and come face to face with the Pacific Ocean. What an opportunity!

  2. Nicole

    Awesome that you tried that back bend!
    I just went primitive camping for the first time this weekend. It was different but fun!

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