Reason #6: Yoga Makes Me Smile

Reason #6 Yoga Makes Me Smile: Chaturanga Muscles

For those of you that think yoga is all about relaxing and letting go…let me introduce you to a little pose called chaturanga. It’s a serious pose that takes a lot of arm and core strength…it’s kinda like a push-up on crack. Admittedly, my chaturanga isn’t too pretty…but here’s what the pose is supposed to look like:

Chaturanga is done over and over again during most vinyasa classes. Who needs the gym?

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What do you love about yoga?



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3 responses to “Reason #6: Yoga Makes Me Smile

  1. I love chaturanga too, but I have to be careful! I have a wonky scapula that loves to slip out of place and cause my shoulder to “wing” out. Back when I did ashtanga yoga 3x a week, I had to see a chiropractor and eventually stop full chaturangas to allow the area to heal because it started to hurt even when not doing yoga.

    What I currently love about yoga is that on a day that I’m feeling frazzled and unstable, a few moments standing in Tree or Dancer will give me a sense of balance. Feeling my foot pressing firmly into the earth is a tactile reminder that I am stable, rooted, and grounded!

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