A Pleasant Find

I’m back in Jersey where the air is brisk and work is busier than ever. Today a passed a side-of-the-road produce stand I just had to stop at. The sign for fresh kale lured me in but the apples and brussel sprouts kept me shopping. In the end I pulled out of there with two regular sized shopping bags and one kitchen trash bag full of veggies. Guess the price…. (answer at the end of this post).

Sunshine on a cloudy day

Can you taste the crispness?

Stalks of brussel sprouts

Waiting to be roasted

My purchases: one huge bunch of kale, one stalk of brussel sprouts, one head of purple cauliflower, a basket of apples, one bunch of beets, one bunch of parsnips and four sweet potatoes…$20. What a bargain!

What are your favorite late fall veggies?




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