Heading Home

It’s been a busy two weeks for me with work and play. Saturday night was girls night out in Atlantic City to see Kathy Griffin. It was filmed live for Bravo and will air December 20th. I’ll be the sequin wearing brunette in the audience squished between one sexy lady and three gay guys.

Sunday was brunch and yoga in Philadelphia.

During the week I was swamped with work, but in a good way. Anyway, today I’m leaving for the airport in about an hour for a trip home to see family and friends in Florida. I’m really looking forward to sunshine and relaxation with loved ones. It doesn’t matter where I live, Tampa will always be “home” to me.

In-flight reading material

Grateful for a ticket…even if it is the middle seat (and M is in another row)

Where will you celebrate Thanksgiving? Are you cooking?

I’ll be at mom’s house. I won’t be in charge of anything, but I’ll assist in the kitchen.



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  1. How cool to be in the audience of a filmed show! We were at the Academy of Music in Philly when NPR recorded “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” but it’s hard to spot myself in a radio show. 🙂 Unless you have a goofy, loud laugh!

    I’ll be heading to my mother-in-law’s house about 90 minutes away for dinner and then seeing my side of the family (who live just minutes from us) sometime over the weekend.

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