Simply Stated

Sweet Green is a fairly new West Philly salad spot with a conscious. It’s like a majorly upgraded version of Salad Works with local and organic ingredients plus it has an interesting variety of dressings.

 The Sabzi salad for me and a Chic-P for my friend Camilo

Any new spots near you? What dressings are you loving right now?

Camilo’s lemon hummus tahini dressing rocked!





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2 responses to “Simply Stated

  1. Saladworks has made some attempts to fancy up their offerings (I don’t think they even knew what avocado was a few years ago!), but this place sounds amazing! I wish some of these cool little places would migrate to South Jersey!

    • Me too! I moved across the bridge this month, but I find myself driving back to Philly for everything. I did find a great yoga studio in Margate (The Zen Den) and there’s a yummy Indian lunch buffet near me. Other than that…we’ll see.

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