El Domingo @ Distrito

I’m mostly vegan-ish at home, but going out is a whole other can of worms. I’ve noticed that dairy makes me feel bloated and icky, so I usually try to avoid it by choosing the seafood option. Sometimes it’s delicious (like the seared scallops at Parc) and sometimes it’s not. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m totally spoiled by all the amazing restaurants in Philadelphia. Anyway, yesterday I had Mexican Sunday brunch at Distrito with my good friend that happens to be vegan. He showed me that a little smile can go a long way when making special requests. We ended up with gauc, salsa & chips, salad, veggie tacos and a cheeseless veggie enchilada. Doesn’t sound too amazing, but words just don’t do the flavors justice.

Ensalada de Granada: pomegranate, honeydew, jicama, orange, pepitas & lemon vinaigrette

Spicy veggie tacos with mushrooms and sweet corn

Enchiladas so good they don’t need cheese

How do you feel about making special requests at a restaurant?


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