2 Soups in 2 Days

 Ahhhh…fall weather. Sweaters, boots and soups. I grew up in Florida so I was never a big soup lover. Then I moved “up North” (as we Floridians say about anywhere above South Carolina) and fell in love with warmth in a bowl. Last week I asked around for some soup inspiration and my friends were more than happy to share their favorites. 

Thursday’s Pick: Cabbage Soup 

This was pretty good, but I’ll admit that it wasn’t my favorite. My boyfriend M really loved it. To be fair I don’t really like one of the main ingredients (tomato juice) but I wanted to give it a chance. All in all it was still satisfying enough to eat two bowls in one day.

Lunch time: fresh from the pot

Heated up at the wellness center for dinner

I transport in tupperware, but bring my own bowl and spoon from home. It just feels more like a meal that way. I’m also not so sure about heating plastic in the microwave.

Friday’s Pick: Tortilla Soup

Cilantro + avocado + chili powder = love in my book.

One burrito wrap cut into triangles and fried in olive oil


Both of these were easy-peasy.

Do you make your own food for work? Or do you prefer take-out? What kinds of soups are you making these days?

I almost always bring my own food. I keep leftovers frozen in individual bags for emergencies. Read why I (mostly) gave up take-out here. I’m on a major soup kick: potato-leek, white bean and kale and spicy sweet potato are the latest.

What should I make next?


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