Progress Report

30 Before 30

I created this list of goals in August. My 30th birthday is coming up on February 28, 2012 and I thought it would be fun to accomplish something by then. Or at least try a few new things. Some items on the list were easy to check off (See numbers 8 and 18). Others have been challenging (like 9 and 19) and then there are the ones that take some commitment. I have issues with commitment (just to clarify, not when it comes to relationships…but when it comes to sticking with a personal goal, making time, things like that). Like #6. I started with good intentions. I set my alarm to go off twice a day to remind me to meditate. I wanted to meditate five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the afternoon. I think I lasted three days until the alarm kept going off while I was in the car or at work or shopping. I’d hit snooze with the intention to do it later. Of course later never came. I’m not giving up, I still have a few months left to try again. Same thing happened with the letters (#25). I could easily write ten letters to all of my loved ones in one sitting, however when it comes to committing time each week, well that’s another story.

  #27 My solo hike in the Berkshire Hills, Massachusetts

#9 Cleansing with two days of mung beans and rice followed by one day of raw fruit and veggies

 #19 Fifteen miles of biking from Center City Philadelphia to Wissahickon Valley Park


 The List: 30 Before 30

  1. Run a 5k
  2. Simplify my living space and clear out the clutter
  3. Eat local for one week
  4. Do a headstand without the wall
  5. Go one full day without talking, texting, emailing, or facebook
  6. Complete 21 days of meditation
  7. Travel without a plan
  8. Attend a kirtan
  9. Do a cleanse
  10. Learn how to change a tire
  11. Work on a farm for a day
  12. Become CPR certified
  13. Learn how to make one kick-ass vegan recipe to bring to parties
  14. Find a charity to believe in and support
  15. Eat in for one week
  16. Learn more about prenatal yoga
  17. Sew an article of clothing and wear it
  18. Try zumba
  19. Go on a 15+ mile bike ride
  20. Attend a yoga festival
  21. Eat vegan for one week
  22. Read another translation of the Yoga Sutras
  23. Study Spanish and stick with it
  24. Hold crow pose for five breaths
  25. Write a handwritten heartfelt letter once a week for 10 weeks
  26. Master a homemade chai recipe
  27. Go on a solo hike
  28. Celebrate the seasons
  29. Attend a kundalini yoga class
  30. Make my own beauty products

Things I’m currently working on: mastering homemade chai, reading another version of the Yoga Sutras and clearing out clutter. Things I need to ahem, get serious about (because they can’t really be pulled off at the last minute): study Spanish and run a 5k.

Do you stick with a plan? Or is it difficult for you to commit to things?



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3 responses to “Progress Report

  1. holly

    I read your post earlier, then i went online and saw this article on Yahoo homepage and thought of your number 30. Let me know if you try any

  2. I love your #25! Trying to complete a 30×30 list too… yours are very inspiring… Good luck!

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