Early Morning Dal

Do you ever get tired of typical breakfast foods? Why not try something different… traditional Indian dal. One of the things I was reminded of at Kripalu is that breakfast doesn’t have to be sugary and carb-filled (like the typical American cereal). In Japan many people eat miso soup before work and in Costa Rica beans and rice are all the rage. Indian dal is made from dried lentils or beans with chopped onion and spices. It’s full of protein and makes for a warm and savory start to the day.  I made this easy version from my newest cookbook.

Green lentils soaked in water overnight

Chopped garlic, ginger and onion

Turmeric, chili powder, cumin, cayenne & salt

Cilantro as the (optional) finishing touch

More satisfying than cereal

Do you like any “weird” breakfast foods?

I’ve always liked lunch better than breakfast. I used to eat leftover pizza or mac and cheese early in the morning in my high school days. I guess this is just a plant-based upgrade.


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