Savory Spuds

Creamy potato soup loaded with bacon, cheese and chives used to be a favorite of mine. Lately it’s just not that fun to eat food that’s unhealthy for me and the planet, not to mention the stomach ache that comes after downing something so heavy. Luckily there are tons of resources out there for healthifying old favorites. I found a fantastic vegan version for Creamy Potato-Leek soup here.

The veggies

A warm version of soup and salad…sauteed greens & leftover root veggies covered with a quick whisk dressing of garlic, mustard, oil and vinegar

Which recipes do you like to make healthier? Which do you leave just the way they are?

 Lately I’ve been giving everything a makeover as I try to cut out meat and dairy. It’s fun discovering new ingredients, recipes and flavors!



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