Do Yoga Philly

This weekend was the Do Yoga Philly 3.0 Yoga Festival at Dhyana Yoga. I can now happily check off two items from my 30 before 30 list: #20 attend a yoga festival and #24 hold crow pose for five breaths.

For those that have never attended one, a yoga festival is when teachers from different places/studios get together and offer a variety of workshops and classes. At this particular festival you could pay per class or buy a day pass (good karma bonus- the money went to charity).

I bought a day pass on Friday to attend Wall Yoga Vinyasa, Manifestation Yoga and a kirtan (read all about my first experience at a kirtan here).

Wall yoga was a challenging class taught by Erica and Julie from Jai Yoga in Haverford, PA. We did crazy stuff like downward facing dog with our feet climbing up the wall. My arms were shaking and sweat poured out of my body, but somewhere along the way I actually broke out into giggles.

During manifestation yoga we were instructed to focus on something we really wanted and were willing to work for (no, it wasn’t a Marc Jacobs purse for me as my boyfriend suggested). I chose patience and ironically it was while focusing on that I was able to hold myself in crow for five breaths.

Borrowed picture of my friend Alissa in crow pose

(I brought my camara but didn’t end up snapping any pics)

The night ended with cheerful chanting. The festival was tons of fun and it gave me a chance to try new things. Yay for Do Yoga Philly and getting out of my comfort zone.

What have you done lately to challenge yourself?


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  1. I really enjoy how this pose builds up to so much, I also appreciate you using me in your blog. all the best!

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