Hale & Hearty

Cool temperatures and brisk autumn air made this the perfect week for soup. I cracked open my Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook and made her white bean soup, version number two (she offers one with cheese toast a la french onion and one with kale). You can find the recipe here.

Mmmmm…warm and robust

My first time with fennel:

The recipe calls for four cups of vegetable stock. I didn’t have any, so while the sliced fennel and onion were cooking on low, I scrounged through the fridge. I found carrots and celery along with one tupperware container full of very old-looking onion slices. I added the fennel stalks, one bay leaf and a few peppercorns for an impromptu simmer. Soup is quickly becoming my favorite thing to make.

Homemade veggie broth in no time

Two cans of rinsed white beans patiently awaiting their turn in the pot

The final touch: one bunch of organic kale

What are your favorite veggie soups?


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