Jogging into Fall

Number 1 on my 30 Before 30 list is run a 5k. Uggh. Why did I write that? I was never athletic when I was younger. I did belong to the swim team, which I chose based on the fact that it’s an individual sport so I wouldn’t be letting my team down if I didn’t perform well. I couldn’t even run a mile in gym class without stopping. Now I’m into yoga and walking, with the occasional gym class or jog.

I like (well, like is a strong word. I like the feeling that comes after…and all the effects from) jogging because it’s simple and I don’t need anything besides a good sports bra and sneakers. It’s also a nice way to see a new place or get outside and forget about everything else.

In order to meet my goal of running jogging a 5k before I turn 30 I need to start training now. My birthday is in February and I live in New Jersey where it’s going to get cold fast. On the plus side, this is a gorgeous time of year to be outside.

My South Jersey suburban running trail (taken with iPhone camara)

I started easy with 4 minutes jogging/1 minute walking four times. Pandora‘s hip-hop station kept me going and I plan to add a few more minutes next time.

Cool air and changing colors = smiles

How do you feel about jogging?

Do you set goals for yourself, fitness or otherwise?



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3 responses to “Jogging into Fall

  1. I had to give up running because of my hip, but beautiful, crisp fall days like the ones we’ve been having recently are just toying with me! I do a lot of walking, but sometimes all I want to do is bust into a nice little jog and take in some more oxygen. Sometimes, if it’s not too crowded, I’ll just start skipping instead. That won’t bother my hip as much, and it gives me that satisfaction of moving with a little more speed.

    As much as I love swimming, it stinks that it has to be done indoors, away from all the sights and sounds of fall.

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