Around the World in a Day

Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival with three of our friends. I was all excited to wear my viking hat (purchased at Epcot last year) but sadly I forgot it in the commotion to get out the door. We played it safe and took a taxi.

Getting in a few greens pre-party

We knew we wanted something healthy in our bellies before starting the day’s festivities. Hence, the most delicious three ingredient snack/breakfast ever: whole wheat crackers topped with Sabra pine nut hummus and a handful of sautéed salad greens. Creamy, crunchy and green. Yum!

* I grabbed some greens rinsed them and then threw them wet in a pan to warm for a few minutes. This is a truly tasty five minute snack.


First stop on our journey: Mexico

El mariachi 

Tequila flights, cucumber margaritas, guacamole, crab tostados

Too bad the cave was too dark for any good pics, but it was a lot of fun.

British pub style fish and chips with malt vinegar and beer

Playing the part of French vixens in Paris (Melissa on the left, me on the right)

 Cheers to traditions, looking forward to next year!

Do you have any rituals with your friends?



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3 responses to “Around the World in a Day

  1. Wow, so did you fly down there just for the weekend? That’s one of my dreams, to just slip away for a quick Disney jaunt! Also, cucumber margaritas? Yes, please!!

    • Yes, just a weekend trip (although something came up with my family so I’m staying here for the week). I’ve lived “up north” for the past six years, but luckily going home to Florida is a quick plane ride so I try to visit every few months.

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