Sugar Binge

~Life is short, eat dessert first.~

Today was all about the sweet stuff. My breakfast resembled a five-minute version of apple pie. Quick and easy, it was inspired by a Chopra recipe I made a while back.

Flavorful fall fruit

Super simple: melted Earth Balance spread, one sliced apple, cinnamon, nutmeg and a lemon squeeze sautéed over medium heat

Topped with a handful of Metro Bakery granola, transported from Philly

Later I made these cookie dough bites. Ahhhh….words cannot describe how delicious they are. They have six ingredients (five in my case. I was out of agave syrup so I used extra maple in it’s place) and they take less than ten minutes to make.

Raw cashews

Rolled oats

Dry ingredients for the “dough”

Wet ingredients: agave syrup, maple syrup and vanilla

Chocolate chips mixed in = heaven

I ate too many cookie dough bites, proving that just because something is raw/organic/vegan doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all. But they are so goooooood.

What are your favorite quick fixes for when a craving strikes?


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