Sipping on Hemp

A quickie breakfast shake

The base for a delicious smoothie

*Allow a bunch of bananas to ripen on the counter. When they’re spotted, peel and break each banana into three pieces. Toss in a large ziplock bag and keep in the freezer. When you’re ready to make a smoothie: 3 pieces = 1 banana. So simple!

Recommended by Kripalu dietitians as a plant-based protein

Hemp + almond milk + frozen banana

+ almond butter

and cinnamon

Makes a delicious &  filling breakfast


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One response to “Sipping on Hemp

  1. tru

    I’m not very big on bananas, but I do have a creamy smoothie almost every morning.

    My trick is to use raw mixed nuts – they’re easier to measure than gooey nut butters, plus you get a good variety of the various nutrients from the nuts.

    I use just an ounce of the nuts, then two servings of fruit (about 140 grams each of blueberries and mixed tropical fruits) and then I dump in flax seed meal, frozen greens (about 80 grams/1 serving) and a cup or so of water. For the greens I find that turnip and mustard have the least effect on flavor, spinach pretty much gets up and announces itself with a bullhorn.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of adding some edamame to boost the protein a little.

    BTW, this all goes more smoothly in a Vitamix (ala your kitchen gadget post a while back).

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