End of Summer Soup & Salad

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, and is there any better way to celebrate than delicious seasonal (not to mention local and organic) tomatoes blended up with a dash of lemon juice, basil and chopped red onion? Top it off with diced cucumbers and add a side of chilled beans and veggies to make a global version of soup and salad.

Recipe from Simply Organic

Blender magic

Salad of cannellini beans, corn, cilantro, tomatoes,  lime juice, avocado and red pepper 

Have you made any other variations of cold soup in the blender?

How are you celebrating Labor Day weekend?

I’m teaching yoga at the campground today for the last time this summer. I might head to Atlantic City tonight for some boardwalk fun.



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2 responses to “End of Summer Soup & Salad

  1. Hope you make it to AC! You already know I love the place. 😉

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