A Date With Peanut Butter

Medjool dates

I get on breakfast kicks that can last for years of eating the same thing. This week I realized that I have completely ended a three-year love affair with Fage yogurt topped with granola and honey. I started cheating a few months ago as I began to eat less dairy. The more I experimented with smoothies the better they tasted (and the better I felt afterwards). I’ve all but forgotten about my yogurt parfait obsession as I’ve moved on to a fascination with all things cold and blended.

The formula for what I think is the perfect smoothie: almond milk + any nut butter + frozen banana. Optional add-ins: cinnamon, nutmeg, cut up fruit, maple syrup, vanilla, rolled oats and a new one for me: dates!

A Date With Peanut Butter (serves 1)


  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 heaping spoonful peanut butter
  •  1 frozen banana
  • 2 dates (stones removed)
  • generous sprinkle of nutmeg
  • generous sprinkle of cinnamon

Directions: Blend and enjoy. *The dates aren’t completely blended. They’re like little chewy bites of candy.

Sipping a smoothie+ browsing cookbooks = a perfect early morning

Do you eat the same thing everyday? What foods are you obsessed with right now?



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2 responses to “A Date With Peanut Butter

  1. Oooh, you got me at “maple syrup.” Yum! In fact, my office totally smelled like syrup this morning, as though someone was chilling at her cube with pancakes or waffles.

    I think I mentioned it here before, but my breakfast obsession is Kashi Go Lean cereal with walnuts, almond slivers, blueberries, and strawberries. I create little baggies for each day of the week and take them to work so I can eat at my desk. I love this combo so much that not only did I have it for breakfast yesterday but for a quick dinner too (I added 1/2 banana for dinner to give it a little more oomph!).

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