A Taste of Barcelona

Olives: the customary hors d’oeuvre

Barcelona is truly the city that never sleeps. Restaurants along the Mediterranean Sea serve dinner until 3 a.m. and the dancing goes until 6. City workers have a few short hours to clean up the sand before families turn up at the beach in the morning for a day of relaxing in the sun. My boyfriend and I arrived in Barcelona on Monday after a long weekend of wild fun in Ibiza with thoughts of taking it easy. That lasted one day until the wine and tapas beckoned. When in Spain…

A fun lunch spot:

The art, architecture, food, beaches and relaxed ambiance make Barcelona one of the coolest cities I’ve explored. What’s your favorite city?


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  1. I visited Barcelona in 2000 and fell head-over-heels in love with the architecture, especially La Sagrada Familia. It took my breath away; it was like seeing a sand castle in the middle of the city! We visited Parc Guell, too–another architectural hot spot!

    Other things I remember about Barcelona: visiting a huge garden area off the side of a highway, seeing the old Olympic stadium, eating lots of “jabon y queso” sandwiches, a terrifying car ride on a cliffside road above the sea, and getting terribly lost and struggling to ask for directions in Spanish–it took me an hour to get back to my hilltop hotel, even though I could see the building from the road!

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