Snapshots from Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain is known for gorgeous people, sandy beaches and an ultra laid back attitude. After four days of dancing until (almost) dawn I understand its reputation as party island. Between pitchers of cava sangria on the beach, listening to house music at Space and eating carbs galore I tried to balance things out with a few seasonal veggies. The average day in Ibiza went something like this: wake up around noon, eat lunch and then hit the beach. Return back to hotel for afternoon siesta at 6, dinner at 11 (p.m.!) and then dancing until… Sleep and repeat.

A modern interpretation of gazpacho made with beets and red fruit

A warm mushroom salad so delicious I got it two days in a row

Bread and tomatoes Ibiza style

Exercise happened the European way (lots of walking) and my sneakers and workout clothes stayed in the suitcase. The room had a mini fridge so my boyfriend and I were able to eat in a few times. We kept it simple with fresh ingredients. 

 More pics from Spain tomorrow… Have a great day! 



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4 responses to “Snapshots from Ibiza

  1. What a different schedule you have to adjust to! Dinner at 11?!?! I guess that makes sense, though, if the night is just beginning…

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