Hiking Solo

Number 27 on my 30 Before 30 list is go on a solo hike. Last week I had the chance when I was in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. I decided to do an intermediate trail that was 4.7 miles. 

 A peaceful start through an apple orchard

“A man finds happiness only by walking his own path.” – Cameron Hawley

A scenic stop at Monk’s Pond

After about 40 minutes of listening to nature I ran into a chatty new friend and we hiked the rest of the way together. It was fun, but the Type A side of me could not count it as something to check of my list. I live in downtown Philly so I had to take advantage of my time in the countryside. The next morning I set out at 7 a.m. on another trail. This one was 3.25 miles and labeled challenging.


The starting view

Named after my childhood Cocker Spaniel

 The top ~ A beautiful place to meditate and feel gratitude

There were moments of fear when I imagined that a little twig breaking was actually a hungry bear, but all in all it was a serene experience and I’m glad to kick off the list with something so empowering.

30 Before 30

  1. Run a 5k
  2. Simplify my living space and clear out the clutter
  3. Eat local for one week
  4. Do a headstand without the wall
  5. Go one full day without talking, texting, emailing, or facebook
  6. Complete 21 days of meditation
  7. Travel without a plan
  8. Attend a kirtan
  9. Do a cleanse
  10. Learn how to change a tire
  11. Work on a farm for a day
  12. Become CPR certified
  13. Learn how to make one kick-ass vegan recipe to bring to parties
  14. Find a charity to believe in and support
  15. Eat in for one week
  16. Learn more about prenatal yoga
  17. Sew an article of clothing and wear it
  18. Try zumba
  19. Go on a 15+ mile bike ride
  20. Attend a yoga festival
  21. Eat vegan for one week
  22. Read another translation of the Yoga Sutras
  23. Study Spanish and stick with it
  24. Hold crow pose for five breaths
  25. Write a handwritten heartfelt letter once a week for 10 weeks
  26. Master a homemade chai recipe
  27. Go on a solo hike
  28. Celebrate the seasons
  29. Attend a kundalini yoga class
  30. Make my own beauty products


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