Goals of Days Past

Last week I decided to create a 30 before 30 list. I think it’s fun to write down goals. There’s something about ink on paper that leads to a commitment, but if they don’t stick or you change your mind it’s always interesting to look back and see what your priorities were. In the past I’ve written all sorts of things down, and in the spirit of curiosity I decided to snoop through my old diary and find out what kind of goals I set for myself years ago. I found this:


I wrote this as a senior in college after two back-to-back long-term relationships.

Best new year’s resolution ever!

I learned I can have fun all by myself.

As for this list…

My brother and I a few summers ago

A published article in Florida Monthly Magazine (scroll down to the feature: BBQ Heaven)

Swimming in the cold waters of Crystal River, FL with a new friend

One of the best experiences of my life!

Dancing the night away in NYC

(I lived in Astoria 2005-2007)

What’s left? Speak another language fluently (Spanish is a work in progress), take a self-defense class and travel without a plan. I’m letting go of scuba because I’m satisfied skimming the water’s surface with a snorkel.

What goals have you set for yourself in the past? Which have you accomplished? Which are you still working on or letting go?



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3 responses to “Goals of Days Past

  1. You’ve checked a lot off, that’s awesome! I love looking back on passed goals and surprising myself with all that I’ve accomplished. And its also great that you can let go of ones that you no longer feel passionately about with feeling like your letting yourself down. We are always growing and changing, so I think goals should shift with us accordingly.

  2. My husband and I are obsessed with manatees, so I’m very jealous of that experience! The closet we ever get is at the The Living Seas with Nemo aquarium in Epcot.

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