Go Local

Eating locally and seasonally is what nature intended for us and it’s the way our ancestors ate. Somewhere along the way things got muddled. Sugary orange juice counts as a serving of fruit and it takes more oil to stock the average American fridge than fuel the family car. One thing we can all do is buy local whenever possible. I know for some (especially those that live in suburbia) this can be a challenge. But produce stands pop up all over during warm summer months and even large grocery stores offer seasonal selections. It’s worth planning around a farmers’ market or going out of the way to a farmstand for a delicious juicy peach or a sweet vine-ripened heirloom tomato.

The Fair Food Farmstand in Reading Terminal, Philadelphia

Squash plans: sautéed in scrambled (local) eggs tomorrow morning

Mouth watering

 There are so many resources about eating locally. A few to browse around:

Which local foods have you been enjoying lately?

For me it was peaches, green beans and tomatoes in North Carolina. So good! I bought Kenett Square mushrooms and local peaches, squash, tomatoes and spring mix in Philly today.

Try something local this week and let me know how it was!


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