Campground Yoga

I love Saturdays! The temperature was 102 degrees, but that didn’t stop a few brave souls from showing up for yoga today. We practiced under a pavilion with fans and there was plenty of refreshing lemon water available.

Another fun-filled day of yoga with kids:

We started out by placing the mats in a circle. Each person stood on their mat and thought of a word that starts with the same letter/sound as their name. We tossed the beach ball around introducing themselves. (I was awesome Angela. There was a beautiful Brianna and a dinosuar-loving Danny.) Then we played a silly game to get some energy out. I started out in the middle with goofy sunglasses and danced like a mad woman for Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. Everyone else copied my moves. I passed the glasses to the next person and we all took a turn as the ringleader. Once the song was finished we sat on our mats and felt our hearts beat. We talked about what makes the heart beat fast: exercise, getting excited, nervousness, feeling anxious. I explained that you can calm your heart with your breath. Then we practiced bear breath (breathing in and out slowly like a hibernating bear). They felt their heartbeat again. We talked about how they could use this breath anytime, anywhere. We started practice with an om.

We went over a few standing poses using my yoga pretzel cards. Then I placed one card on each mat and started the music. The children walked, skipped and hopped around (depending on the instruction given). When the music stopped each person stopped on a mat and held the pose they saw for three breaths.

We took a break in mouse pose (child’s pose) before practicing boat. During boat we passed the beach ball around the circle to the right and then the left (killer ab workout!).

We ended with happy thoughts and savasana. Before laying down we closed our eyes and imagined three happy moments from the week. We each shared one. Then we each shared something we were excited about in the coming week. They laid back, closed their eyes and listened as I asked them to imagine their favorite place.

Standing tall in mountain pose

Feeling fierce and brave in warrior I

After yoga:

The produce from the stand near the campground was so amazing last week that I had to stop on my way home again today.

Worth every penny

Couldn’t wait until I got home; had to eat one in the car

A no-oven lunch: cold quinoa with tomatoes, cucumber, kale, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

P.S. I leave for North Carolina tomorrow morning. I plan to bring the rest of the quinoa salad, peaches and granola. Any other suggestions for road trip food?



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4 responses to “Campground Yoga

  1. THIS IS SO COOL! i love fresh produce when it comes after yoga hehe ❤

  2. Your classes sound so well organized! Do you have a specialized certification in children’s yoga, or are you just naturally talented with kids? 🙂

    • Awwww…thanks! I have a masters in childhood education and I taught first grade for two years so I know you’ve gotta be organized and ready for the little ones. I found the games online and put them together in order that I think/hope will keep them entertained.

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