Jersey Fresh Tomatoes

It’s not very original but there’s a reason it’s a classic. Fresh tomatoes and basil make an amazing summertime snack.

Dressed with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar

I could eat this everyday!

Yesterday’s lunch was based on leftover quinoa and farmers’ market veggies.

Chopped kale

I pan roasted two tablespoons of walnuts before adding tomatoes, green onions, kale and quinoa for just a few minutes. I made one cob of corn in the microwave (wrapped in a wet paper towel and cooked on high for two minutes). Plus vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and basil = yummy ten minute lunch.

Jersey fresh

 What’s your go-to summer lunch?



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2 responses to “Jersey Fresh Tomatoes

  1. We have tomatoes growing at our house, but they are taking forever to ripen! We’ve only yielded three thus far. Slices of tomato with salt and pepper, plus an ear of corn on the side, is my kind of summer lunch.

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