Yoga Fun With Young Ones

This past Saturday was my fourth weekend of teaching yoga. (I just graduated yoga teaching training in June. Read about my experiences so far here and here.) I teach relaxing, all levels and children’s yoga. This week I decided to mix up the kids class with a few games. I found a lot of great ideas at

All About Children’s Yoga:

We started with the mats in a circle. I explained that many yoga poses are named after animals and other things in nature. We tossed a beach ball around saying our name and something we like from nature. Then we played a lively game of musical mats. We listened to Hey Soul Sister by Train. Each time the music played they had to either jump, skip, frog hop or chicken dance to around on the mats, depending on what was called out. Each time the music stopped I removed a mat. All of the players stayed in and there were a bunch of giggles as all of the kids had to fit on the last mat together. Lots of fun! By the end they were breathing heavy and ready to relax. We sat in a cross-legged position and did a few bear breaths (breathing slowly in and out like a hibernating bear) before closing our eyes for om.

We practiced sun salutations, warrior poses and other standing asanas. I used the names from my yoga pretzels cards. We reviewed each pose before playing freeze statues. Another game with music, but this time everyone stayed on their own mat dancing until the music stopped. When it went quiet they each chose their own pose to hold. They remembered a lot!

Next we did seated poses like forward folds and twists before settling down into a cross-legged position. I talked about how yoga is about feeling happy. We closed our eyes and imagined five good moments from the week. Then we opened our eyes and each shared one with the group. We ended with a savasana and a final om together.

It was energizing and an absolute blast! On the way home from the campground I drove past the cutest produce stand. I just had to stop:

I spent $15 and took home plenty of produce.I’m waiting for the peaches to soften but the strawberries were fair game right away.

Travel plates make every bite a vacation

What do you do to stay a kid at heart?



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6 responses to “Yoga Fun With Young Ones

  1. Oh my gosh I’m salivating over all that ripe, fresh fruit. For whatever reason, bike rides definitely make me feel like a kid at heart.

  2. Rebecca Brumberg

    Angela you are so inspiring! I love reading about your campground yoga. Sounds like the kids are so much fun!

  3. So glad the games were a help to you. Thanks for visiting and for writing about your experiences teaching kids. I would have loved being in your class. Sharing this post on the Facebook page.

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