Leftovers for Lunch

Sunday night I held a veggie potluck at my place, so the lunch possibilities were endless on Monday afternoon. I decided on pasta salad over mixed greens, coconut iced tea and my friend Jessica’s delicious vegan cupcake.

Just as good on day two

I got the recipe for the macaroni salad here. The author recommends adding mayo or yogurt the second day. I drizzled olive oil and added fresh green onions. Underneath the pasta is a bed of arugula and microgreens.

The pitcher’s half full of ginger coconut tea from Teavana

“I’d rather be a Ginger than a Mary Ann” cupcake

An amazing meal ready in five minutes (and without the use of the microwave or oven) = great summer lunch!

How do you jazz up your leftovers?



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2 responses to “Leftovers for Lunch

  1. For most leftover dishes, I throw in some baby spinach and/or chickpeas. Spinach wilts quickly when microwaved and adds some extra green, and in my opinion, chickpeas are the “jimmies/sprinkles” of dinner dishes. I love ’em!

  2. Yum! That sounds healthy, easy and delicious. Thanks!

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