Thai Lettuce Wraps

I stopped eating meat in March, and Thai chicken lettuce wraps from Continental are one of the few things I actually miss. I decided to make my own veggie version at home. I found a recipe for peanut sauce here. (The sauce turned out really thick, but the flavor was great. I might add water to it next time.)

So exciting: I actually had the ingredients already in the pantry

Trader Joe’s chunky style

Fresh garlic and peanut butter

A little kick with cayenne pepper

 The veggies

I used butter lettuce for the “wrap”. I filled it with red cabbage, slivers of yellow pepper and cucumber, mint and basil.

Crispy and crunchy

Leftovers to go

I chopped up the rest of the veggies for a salad. I plan to water down the sauce so that I can use it for dressing. It’s the perfect campground yoga packed lunch.

Are their any restaurant dishes that you like to make at home?


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  1. I love breakfast sandwiches, but every time I order them I realize I could’ve done so much better (and healthier) at home. So now once a week, my husband and I have “brinner” (breakfast for dinner), where we microwave eggs in a bowl (they come out perfectly sized for bagels/English muffins), melt some Swiss cheese in them, and then place on a whole wheat bagel or muffin with spinach and either turkey bacon or a Morningstar sausage patty. Sometimes when I crave more greens I’ll throw some chopped broccoli or pepper in the egg before microwaving it. I don’t know why I still pay for breakfast sandwiches these days–people should be paying ME for mine!

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