Good Karma Cafe

Last month I was in suburbia for the day so I grabbed a quick lunch at a sushi place in the mall food court. The food was great, but I appalled when my meal arrived on a styrofoam tray. The edamame were even in a little a styrofoam bowl. I didn’t know styrofoam was socially acceptable anymore. (It’s bad for the environment and believed to cause health problems. Read about it here.)

Anyway, I want to give a shout-out to one of my favorite local coffee shops that employs environmentally friendly practices: Good Karma Cafe in Philadelphia.

Located at 22nd & Pine

If you’re drinking in house they offer ceramic mugs for the hot stuff. For cold beverages they use Greenware cups. Greenware is made out of plants instead of petroleum. Read about it here. They also use fair trade coffee and organic dairy. Thumbs up for Good Karma!

Spicy chai latte

I’m a former coffee addict (I posted about it here and here). Iced chai lattes have taken the place of espresso on those days that I really want/need a coffee. I’ve found that chai varies from place to place. Some coffee shops make it out of syrup and some use powder. Good Karma uses a concentrated mix that is soooo good I went two days in a row last week.


Fitler Square is just around the corner

Flower boxes are blooming all around Philadelphia

Do you know of any environmentally friendly businesses? What do they do?


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  1. Those styrofoam trays are the pits! What a waste, especially in a food court where you can return your trays at a central location.

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