Three Ingredients

The fridge is still bare. I went to the mall and out for Mexican yesterday instead of grocery shopping, so this morning I started to get a little creative with breakfast.

Frozen peaches and mango puree

My favorite brand of almond milk

Three ingredients in the blender

Summer in a glass

I needed a little bit more than a smoothie today. I found eggs, one corn tortilla and thyme.

Three ingredients again

I scrambled the egg and sprinkled it with salt, pepper and thyme. I wiped out the pan and added a swirl of olive oil. I fried the tortilla for a few minutes on each side to make it crispy. Then I cut it into triangles and put strawberry rhubarb jam on it. Yum!

Easy and delicious

How do you get creative with what’s left in the fridge?


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One response to “Three Ingredients

  1. Wow that looks delicious! I love how you only needed three ingredients, too. Thanks for your comment on my post. As for quiet snacking while eating an apple, my only suggestion would be to cut it into slices and then cut up the slices into bite sized pieces! Even then, there will still be some crunch but it would be less annoying I bet! I’m happy to have found your blog 🙂

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