Campground Yoga

Yesterday was my second Saturday teaching yoga at the campground. I taught three classes: all levels, relaxing and kids. Most of the yogis from last week came back and a few more kids joined the group. The weather was great and I loved being outdoors. I brought my lunch to eat out by the lake.

Pasta salad and carrot slaw

I used up a bunch of leftover stuff to make the pasta salad on Friday afternoon: already cooked whole wheat penne, chives, tomato, cucumber, zucchini, squash and kale. Since I’m not at home this week (I’m at my boyfriend’s house) I didn’t have much to make a dressing out of. I kept it simple with fresh squeezed lemon juice (no fancy lemon squeezer, just a quick crush by hand), olive oil, salt and pepper.

Heated in a saute pan with a few tablespoons of water

Fresh lemony goodness

Sabra  roasted pine nut hummus with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers

Packing  lunch is cheap, quick and easy. Although it takes a few minutes to prepare,  it saves time when you don’t have to drive or walk somewhere and wait in line to make a purchase that is probably unhealthy and packed in plastic containers (or worse- styrofoam). In my humble opinion it’s better to save take out for special occasions. Read all about trash and recycling here. (By the way, there is a plastic baggie here but I do rinse them out and reuse them.)

A few of my favorite bring-your-own-lunch spots:

  • the movies (I’ve brought everything from guacamole to sushi into the movies with me)
  • the beach
  • long car rides
  • the park, especially with little kids
  • hiking
  • campground lake
  • work (it’s not a favorite spot, but I do like bringing my own)
  • out by a pool

Where’s your favorite place to enjoy a packed lunch on a warm summer day?



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4 responses to “Campground Yoga

  1. Those pictures are beautiful! The beach is definitely my favorite picnic spot. Sand may get in my food but I don’t care because I love the ocean!!

  2. I think my favorite place is bringing lunch on a hike because I’m usually starving by the time we reach the summit, and you get to eat it enjoying an amazing view!

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