Three Ingredients


Fage Greek yogurt is a total obsession of mine. I’ve tried other types of yogurt (coconut, organic, etc.) but I keep coming back to Fage because of its creamy texture and tartness. I usually use Metropolitan Bakery granola and honey. Today I swapped out the honey in favor of a few half frozen strawberries marinated in their own sweet juices. A couple of weeks ago I had a plethora of fresh strawberries as I was about to leave on a road trip, so I put them in a ziplock in the freezer. The other day I took them out and stuck them in the fridge. They were half-thawed out, and in the end they made a perfect dessert (or breakfast) topping.

Metro granola in original flavor: just the right amount of sweetness

Pure and yummy

What kind of yogurt do you like? Any fun topping suggestions?



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3 responses to “Three Ingredients

  1. I eat a container of Chobani yogurt every day at work, around 3:30 p.m., like clockwork. I have a box of Kashi puffs cereal in my desk that I sprinkle on top because I can’t eat yogurt alone; I need something crunchy to break up the creamy texture!

  2. Oooh, it’s too late now, but Whole Foods’ Deal of the Week this past Friday was Fage yogurt, 10 for $10!

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