Campground Yoga

Saturday was my first official gig as a yoga teacher. I taught three classes at a campground in South Jersey: all levels, gentle and kids. It was a lot of fun and I especially enjoyed being outdoors.

I packed a lunch and ate out by the lake between classes. On the menu: mixed green salad with roasted vegetable vinaigrette, a slice of whole wheat bread with white bean dip and an apple.

Setting up

During the first class there were more people watching than participating, but that’s ok. It’s exciting that people were curious about yoga. A few apprehensive beginners decided to try gentle yoga, and afterwards they told me they really loved it. The kids class also started out slowly. It was just me and one very adorable and enthusiastic seven-year old. About twenty minutes in a group of teenagers strolled by nonchalantly. I invited them to join. They rocked the warrior poses and told me they would be back again next week.

I brought the world to show the kids class where yoga originated from. Plus it’s always fun to have a beach ball around. We tossed it to each other as we introduced ourselves. I also had my yoga pretzel cards with me.

What a great way to spend a Saturday!



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4 responses to “Campground Yoga

  1. Whereabouts in South Jersey are you teaching? How cool! To answer your previous question about Twitter, I do not have a blog-specific account. I do have a personal handle, but I am SO lame, lame, lame with Twitter and haven’t used it in almost a year! I’m @Velocilobster.

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