Spotlight on Cantaloupe

I usually think of cantaloupe as a filler fruit. It’s inexpensive and it takes up space in a fruit cup. Many restaurants use it as a base for the good stuff: a few blueberries or strawberries and maybe a kiwi slice or two. It’s usually a little hard and doesn’t taste like much.

My thoughts have changed now that it is June. Cantaloupe season started this month and it runs until August. That means that this ordinarily bland fruit has become a warm weather standout. This morning I was pleasantly surprised when the knife sliced right through the cantaloupe. It had a sweet aroma and I devoured a  plateful before I was off to yoga, and then another small bowl this afternoon.

Juicy confection

I’ve been told the best way to choose a cantaloupe is gently press on the round “belly button” part and make sure it’s soft.

One cup of cantaloupe provides all the vitamin A and vitamin C you need in a day. Vitamin A keeps your eyes healthy and vitamin C keeps the immune system functioning. It’s low in calories and especially refreshing when chilled.

What’s your favorite way to eat cantaloupe?



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2 responses to “Spotlight on Cantaloupe

  1. Rebecca Brumberg

    blend it with lemon juice, spread it on a shallow pan, pop it in the freezer, and scrape a few times during the freezing process. voila, granita!

  2. Thanks! That sounds delish.

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