Reason #2: Yoga Makes Me Smile

Yoga Makes Me Smile! Reason #2: It can be done anywhere.

Vintage pic: last summer in Laguna Beach

Yoga is an awesome accessible activity because you don’t really need any special equipment. Sure, blocks and a strap can be handy, but they’re not necessary. Heck, you don’t even have to have a mat. Yoga can be a peaceful way to begin a lazy morning in bed. I like to hug my knees in and roll over to one side in a gentle twist. It’s also nice to fold over into child’s pose. Another mellow way to start the day is with a few slow poses on the floor of a bedroom, living room or hotel room. Most hotel rooms have just enough space to fit in a downward facing dog and a hard floor can provide great support.

Yoga is especially tranquil when taken outside to a quiet porch, deck, patio or balcony. It can be practiced at the beach, a park or even under a covered awning during a Florida rainstorm. I’ve done yoga everywhere from the desert in Morocco to my friend’s living room while three crazy little ones were running circles around us.

Taken in April: Moroccan breakfast in the desert

These days you can find yoga studios in many surprising places. I use to see what’s around in an area before I go (it led me to this place in New Port Richey) or I ask at the hotel (I ended up here in St. Augustine). It’s always fun to try a new studio or even a new type of yoga. It’s also a great way to meet locals and get restaurant recommendations.

No Ipod needed; the birds provide the soundtrack

It doesn’t matter what you wear (although I don’t recommend short shorts unless you’re a Swedish ski instructor named Sven…). Leggings, sweat pants or your favorite flannel pajamas will do. Get comfy and try a few simple poses. Yoga Journal offers step-by-step to beginner’s  instructions here. And if you are a seasoned practicioner, I’d love to hear about your experience with yoga away from home.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve practiced yoga? 



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