Sushi & Dragons

I spent yesterday afternoon strolling around Chinatown solo. It’s a colorful and vibrant area of Philadelphia that I don’t visit nearly enough. There are cheap eats and amazing massages (I’m kind of addicted to a woman named Lilly who climbs on my back and kneads it like a mound of bread dough- all for less than the price of an H&M dress). I ate at Sakura Mandarin on the corner of 11th & Race. It’s a cozy place with lots of locals and great lunch specials.

Miso soup: liquid nutrition

Sushi: yet another thing I adore from the East

After lunch I browsed around the various shops. I bought some tea and a few vegetables. I also couldn’t resist trying a new and crazy looking fruit.

The surprising view from the inside 

The taste reminded me of a watered-down kiwi, and it was a refreshing treat on a warm day. What Chinatown treasures have you discovered?



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3 responses to “Sushi & Dragons

  1. It’s been years since I’ve spent time in Chinatown…mostly I’m just rushing through it to get to someplace else in the city. But isn’t it cool how you can escape to a whole different world without leaving the city?! It’s like a real-life Epcot Center!

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