South Jersey

I love trashy reality tv just as much as the next person (just look at my DVR list), but there really is more to the Jersey shore than Snookie and “The Situation.” I’m back in the Northeast, and this morning I found myself in the adorable little beach town of Brigantine. My boyfriend and I had breakfast at charming local spot called The Pirate’s Den. I was thrilled when I saw the specials board:

It was a tough decision between the sweet potato omelette and the oat bran French toast, but in the end I couldn’t resist the carbs. I chose to swap fresh strawberries (listed on the regular menu) for the hot apples.

The bread was soft and had a great nutty texture

Lemon herbal tea with a dainty touch of (paper) lace 

A quiet walk after breakfast

Mesmerized by the waves

Happy and thankful to live in a beautiful and free country

 After our stroll we headed out on the Atlantic City Expressway towards Philadelphia. I needed some groceries for this week, so we decided it was worth it to drive ten minutes out of the way and shop at a farmers’ stand instead of a chain grocery store (so worth it!!!). There are tons of farms all through South Jersey. We passed corn, blueberries and grapes.

Future vino; nope, it’s not Napa. We’re in Jersey!

Pastore Orchards in Hammonton

The perfect way to patiently wait for fresh juicy tomatoes

It’s essential to enjoy a few more asparagus bunches before the season’s over.

Ripe peaches ready to be eaten

What an amazing morning! It doesn’t get much better than breakfast at the beach and fresh local fruit and veggies. It’s so much fun over the bridge!


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