Home for the Holiday

Happy Memorial Day!

I’m celebrating from my hometown of New Port Richey, Fl, which is a sleepy little area 45 minutes north of Tampa. It lies on the Gulf Coast. Last week my mom suffered a mild heart attack, so I’m here to shower her with love and affection for the next four days.

Yoga and meditation can be powerful tools to combat heart disease. We plan to fill our time together practicing breathing techniques, meditation and gentle yoga. We started today with a wonderful yoga class in historic downtown NPR.

Can you think of a better named space to practice in?

A beautiful woman named Linda Blake offers donation based classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5 pm. A percentage of the proceeds are donated to support the local public library. Yay for good karma!

 We worked up an appetite, so after yoga we grilled organic veggies on the patio. A simple salad rounded out the meal.

A quick marinade of garlic, oregano, olive oil and lemon juice

Firing up the grill marks the start of summer

I’ve decided to reach out to the community while I’m here. I plan to lead an Open Heart Yoga Workshop this Wednesday in Sims Park at 2. If you are in the area, please come and bring your friends and family.

In case you can’t read the fine print (posted at the local Starbucks), please bring 2 large towels and plenty of water. It will be a relaxing vinyasa sequence with plenty of heart opening poses. Get ready to spread the love.



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2 responses to “Home for the Holiday

  1. Your open-heart yoga workshop is such a touching tribute to you mom! I hope she’s on the road to recovery.

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