Hillside Farm

Last week I got an amazing opportunity to visit my friend Alissa at the farm where she volunteers. I live in downtown Philadelphia, so I was especially excited that a real working farm was only a 30 minute train ride away.


Alissa participates in a work share program at Hillside Farm in Media, Pennsylvania. Basically that means that she agreed to pull weeds, plant seedlings and harvest crops for four hours each week in exchange for one “full share” of produce. She started in April, and her first box of food will be ready on May 31st. A full share is enough to feed a family of four, so she plans to donate her extras (hmmm…I know someone interested in fresh, pesticide-free produce).










The greenhouse garden, full of so many yummy things

(left:basil, right: peppers) 

Alissa showing off her babies.


Tools of the trade

Where the magic happens: seedlings are nestled into the soil

Greens under cover

It was enchanting to see many of the things I’d eaten during the week growing in the soil:



Coming soon to a farm nearby: strawberries

Hillside Farm is part of a larger non-profit organization called Greener Partners. Their mission is “connecting communities through food, farms, and education.” They have an assortment of workshops and events taking place at farms in the area. Alissa has an event coming up (which I plan to attend):

What: Yoga at the Farm (a chance to visit a farm and practice yoga for free…who could refuse that?)

When: June 18, 2011, probably at 9:00 am but check here to make sure of the time

Where: Hillside Farm (right across the street from the Elwyn train station)

Contact info: yogawithalissa@gmail.com

P.S. There will be smoothies after yoga. See ya there!



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