St. Augustine

St. Augustine is an adorable little town on the northeast coast of Florida. Mitch and I enjoyed warm and breezy beach weather while escaping spring showers in Philadelphia.  

Natural beaches; no big hotel chains, boardwalks, etc.

We stayed at the Kenwood Inn, a cozy B&B in the historic center. The owner Pat made us breakfast every day, and we could walk anywhere in town.

Scenes from the garden; the perfect place to read, dream, blog, do yoga

St. Augustine has interesting attractions (like the Spanish Military Hospital and the Pirate and Treasure Museum), but the shopping isn’t exactly anything out of the ordinary. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find an awesome organic, vegan beauty product store tucked away in a little shopping center on St. George Street in Old Town. There were so many neat things in there that I had a hard time deciding what to get.

I settled on relaxation in a bottle: the French lavender mist. I also bought a chamomile neroli deodorant and grapefruit body scrub. I can’t wait to exfoliate! The sales clerk gave me a few soap samples to try: healing clay and pumpkin. 

Pat told us about a new popsicle spot in town called Hyppo, and an obsession was born. Hyppo makes their own popsicles out of fruit, herbs and other all natural good stuff. Just take a look at some of their flavors:

My mouth is watering just thinking about it! The first day I tried the strawberry basil and Mitch tried the champagne mango. Both were amazing. The next day we went back for more. He got the orange cream and I had the mango habanero. His was a delicious tribute to a childhood favorite. Mine had quite a kick.

I’m ready to run out and buy a mold. My mission this summer: duplicate these at home!

Sunny days in St. Augustine

Do you have any tips or suggestions for homemade popsicles?



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4 responses to “St. Augustine

  1. What a great post! I love the photos here, and I so want to go visit! Popsicles should be frozen, that is my only suggestion…

  2. Holly

    So glad you had a great time in St. Auggie. My hubby and I attended Flagler College all four years and LOVE it there. We live just up the road in Jax, but visit often and the memories just flood our minds. We have recently discovered the Hyppo and we too are addicted. Have fun making popsicles this summer. YUM!

  3. sam2821

    those popsicles are frozen. I live 20 minutes south of St Augustine and visit Hyppo often. Lucky for me they opened another store right on the beach that I frequent often. You can have them airmailed to you as well.

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