Sunday Morning Scramble

Mitch and I are going to St. Augustine (FL) tomorrow for a few days of R & R, so I decided to empty out the fridge this morning. When I was growing up my mom used to throw all kinds of stuff in a pan and scramble a few eggs with it. I’ve taken to using up bits and pieces of veggies this way on weekend mornings. I usually make this for hungry friends that have spent the night.

Leftover green stuff

Farmers’ market eggs; I love the colors

First I sautéed the broccoli and green onion in a little vegetable broth. I usually use olive oil, but I’ve been on a veggie broth kick. After they softened I added spinach and tomatoes.

Next I added three eggs (2 for Mitch, 1 for me). That’s when I realized I should have used oil or butter. The eggs started to stick to the pan. Oops.

I scrambled them the best I could. After I turned off the heat I added a little blue cheese that I got from Metropolitan Bakery. Metro Bakery is a Philly spot that has amazing granola (I’m obsessed with it), fresh bread, local goods and delicious dips (like their white bean spread).

I also had some leftover strawberry and blueberry breakfast sauté that never made it on ice cream. This morning I settled on topping my toast with it. It was like a warm, chunky gooey version of jam or jelly. There was an extra bunch of asparagus hiding in the bottom of the veggie drawer. I couldn’t let it go to waste, so we roasted it while the eggs scrambled. Who says asparagus isn’t a breakfast food?

It definitely wasn’t my most photogenic meal ever, but it was still satisfying. Lesson learned: eggs need the pan greased up a little.

What’s your favorite breakfast veggie?


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  1. I love me some veggies ‘n’ eggs in the AM. Along with greens like spinach and broccoli, I like to add some portobello mushrooms in too!

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