Kale and Leek Salad

I wanted to make a quick salad after yoga today. I had some kale in my fridge, but I haven’t learned to love it raw yet. I also scrounged up some leftover leeks, tomatoes and cooked beets.

(Kale: high in antioxidants and helps prevent cancer)

First I sliced the leeks into thin round pieces.  I sautéed them in a little bit of vegetable broth over medium-high heat for about 4 minutes.

Next I added some rinsed torn kale pieces to the pan, along with a few more spoonfuls of vegetable broth. I let the veggies cook together until the kale was a bright green color.

I put the mixture on a plate to cool for a few minutes while I chopped the leftover beets into bite-sized pieces and halved the tomatoes.

I covered the whole thing with tahini dressing, which I am completely obsessed with right now.

It kind of looks just like the salad I made on Monday, but it tastes totally different. Sautéing the kale and leeks changes everything up. It was quick, and the combination of beets and tahini reminded me of the salad bowl at Maoz (an awesome veggie lunch spot).  

What’s your favorite way to eat kale?


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